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Stage Door 1 Youth Theatre was created in 2007 to provide an avenue for children from all social backgrounds to increase their confidence, creativity, and consideration for others through the medium of drama, dance, song, and musical theatre.

From humble beginnings with around eight children, we now have a membership in excess of sixty young people aged from 4 to 19, rehearsing and performing at least three shows each year. There are also opportunities for our members to take part in performances for local events, plays, and showcase evenings. 

SD1 Youth Theatre Company’s continued growth and success is the result of a dedicated team who strive to create visionary performances, whilst maintaining an unfaltering commitment to the individual needs of all our members. This success also arises through working together as a group, including the participation of our members, parents, volunteers, supporters, audiences, and our wider community.


We believe that youth theatre should aspire to the highest standards in terms of process and product. We want to make theatre that is dynamic, challenging, honest, and above all, FUN!

After all, if you can't be brave when you're young, when can you be?!

In line with our mission, we aim:


  • To provide a safe and inclusive service for all young people in the community, irrespective of culture or social background.

  • To build and improve the confidence, self-esteem, and self‐respect of our members through theatre practice and creative learning.

  • To raise awareness and respect for our community and those who live in it through cultural understanding, creative judgment, collaborative practice, and interaction.

  • To give young people the opportunity to perform and learn about the theatre environment in a safe and welcoming setting.

  • To promote teamwork and positive relationships with peers, adults, and the community.

We believe that youth theatre is one of the most creative, inspiring, dynamic, and powerful ways to make a difference in a young person's life. We aim to provide a safe, accessible, and open forum in which young people can express themselves whilst learning about and creating theatre. Our work provides a creative voice whilst developing theatre skills and building confidence.

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